Monday, August 22, 2011

Hard Candy ~ Beetle

Today I have a fun one!! Hard Candy's Beetle, a well pigminted multichrome. This one flashes so many, light pink, dark pink, bronze... ?? It's crazy pretty! 

AND it is also a dupe for Orly Space Cadet and MAC Mean and Green so I am quite content to have picked this up at WalMart for $4 or $5??

This is Beetle in 3 easy coats with SV topcoat -

The Hard Candy bottles are adorable, I find the brush a little hard to work with though.. but worth it! 

 A bit of the green flash!

And some pretty pink!

I love this shade & will be seeking back up!!


  1. LOVE multichromes! I am beyond jealous of the ridic brands and colours you can find there

  2. So awesome! I just bought this polish on Sunday. I can't wait to swatch it now! It looks so freaking awesome in the bottle.

  3. @Allie.. I know =( Is Illamasqua ETF for you? I feel like thats a euro brand..jw

    @Amy.. You will love it! Sooo many colors and the formula is very nice!!

  4. It's gorgeous! I haven't seen this at my Walmart, but I'll keep looking!

  5. I'm so jealous! I can't find this beauty anywhere!

  6. Just found your blog-nice! Am a new follower

  7. Tyy new followers! I <3 you! lol

    Keep searching Beetle, I've come across it a few times :) NOT Mr.Wrong though, want that one! :(

  8. Wow. I have the Orly (unworn), but I don't know if it looks this nice!