Friday, August 19, 2011

First Post -- Hi! & China Glaze - Midtown Magic

Helloo! Hoping I am not just going to talk to myself forever here =) Excited to start a polish blog. I used to be a nail biter and horrific at polish application so I never even bothered with it much until a few months ago when I saw some cute nail art on a beauty blog.. looked into it more and found out about stamping plates and seeing it was all DIY I looked into general polishing tips (I youtubed 'how to apply nail polish'. legit.) Okay so I am still learning with application! I clean up with pure acetone and an angle shadow brush... work in progress. Hopefully things will improve from here. Working on growing out my nails on an ongoing basis...seem to always get frustrated and chop them down to nubs in hopes they will finally grow out nicely next time. 

Anyway, I hope to swatch my entire collection! My collection is super dominated by China Glaze so it seems appropriate to start out with one I really love from their new fall collection - Metro

This is Midtown Magic!

Midtown Magic is a DARK plum jelly base with orangey/red/gold shimmer. 

and a little shimmer dance macro :)

Yayy finally made a post.
I hope to update frequently and find some followers! =)


  1. Midtown Magic is gorgeous! Good luck on your blogging journey! I can't wait to see what other colors you have to post!

  2. I love the shimmer dance macro! Jealous of your china glaze haul.

  3. @ Eat.Sleep.Polish - It is! Maybe my favorite from Metro. My camera made it a bit dull =(

    @Allie - I'm jealous of all your Barry M's swapppp

    @Sandra - Thanks for stopping by!!! So excited to have comments on my 1st post ! lol.