Friday, August 31, 2012

Chanel - Vertigo

  Hi! Very happy to be doing a blog post. Made it through my first week of classes and it was rough! Much rougher than expected. I expect I will settle into some sort of routine soon Maybe not. I have 5 classes with all pretty intense syllabi. Really mad that the one elective I took for enjoyment seems to be one of the more intense with papers and assignments... fail.

 Anyway, Chanel Vertigo from the fall '12 collection is a gorgeous charcoal grey shade. I definitely saw some purple undertones on it. There's also a red shimmer in the bottle, that you will only see there. It does NOT translate on the nail unless you catch some SUPER sunlight, which I did for these pictures (as well as my camera really picked it up) I know you can barely see it in my pics anyway, but trust me that it is exaggerated. Kind of sad, but if you just look forward to it for it being a gorgeous grey creme you won't be disappointed.

2 coats. Terrifically smooth formula.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

ORLY - Gorgeous

Hi! I had this on my untrieds for about half a century sadly. ORLY Gorgeous is fuchsia with stunning blue shimmer. The blue glow is incredible!

It did take me 4 generous coats to get opaque but it dried pretty quickly with seche. Worth it.

the glow is definitely true to life in the shade pics! i <3 it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

O.P.I - DS Coronation

 Hi!! Not happy right now... had probably the worst nail break ever tonight. Closing a window! The nail with the shortest half a nail bed of course. Sigh. Had to super nub. No swatching for a while :( Luckily I have tons to post tho!

Coronation was a happy CVS find for me. (they're popping up again! if your CVS carries O.P.I check for this and DS Sapphire.) It's a beautiful soft holo. I think it is an underrated DS. The larger holo particles are so pretty.

3 coats.

time to go cry over my new nubs..

Saturday, August 18, 2012

China Glaze - Exotic Encounters and a comparison

  Hi! Happy Saturday! I have Exotic Encounters from the On Safari collection. A dusky teal creme. The formula was really nice and smooth, not too thick like some of their other recent polishes. I couldn't resist this one even though I was pretty sure I had something very similar... surprisingly, I do not.

2 coats

I've seen a few people asking on the nail board if it was close to O.P.I Jade is The New Black, did a little comparison for myself. They're quite different, but in case you were wondering...

EE on middle and pinkie
JiTNB on ring and pointer

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Something different..stash spam!

 Hi! Thought I would post this today before it's too out of date!! I did this a while back, probably 50 or so polishes ago...oops

I really got an itch to reorganize my Helmer... I thought a good way to start would be to empty all the polish onto my bed. Or maybe I just felt like it.

Immediately I was very annoyed with my decision.. now I had to sort them out all over again. So they sat on my bed for a few all day/night. My dog was very annoyed at the lack of leg room.

then that happened ^ and they stayed there for days. Laziness. Hope I didn't lose any.

Finally I was able to figure out their homes in the Helmer. Having a lot of brands is annoying when you organize by brand! @#$!

I lovee seeing stash shots so I thought I'd share mine. I think I had around 330 polishes when I took this and you can see there's still a lot of room! Don't think I'll be able to get 600 in there but I don't doubt you can with different organization.


Monday, August 13, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics - Blue Rhapsody & Penny Talk

 Hi! Happy Monday. I am kind of excited to go to my college orientation today - going back to school after  about 6 yrs. Scary! I hope there are other big kids there.. haha. I thought about not going to one but I am far too disorganized to figure out where everything is myself. Taking 5 classes this semester so I better get in touch with that reality soon...

 Anyway, I have two of the Essie Mirror Metallics to show you. My collection was seriously lacking some chrome. I found the formula to these to be pretty tricky to say the least. Penny Talk being the more difficult of the two.

  The trick would be to NOT go over the same area twice and to let each layer dry. If you go back over it too soon it will completely drag off. (blehcrywhimper) They're quite thick so I would try to do it in one coat, but these are both 2 coats on most fingers. (The ones that looked decent enough at one I left alone!!)

  Blue Rhapsody -

Penny Talk -

 I think they're great chromes and worth the effort! Though I'll prob let the next one sit in the untrieds for a while....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

O.P.I If You Moust You Moust + Nothin Mousie 'bout It

 Hi! Happy weekend! My "needs to be blogged" folder is over flowing..some stuff has been sitting around for ages bc I'm not super happy with the pics. I deleted a bunch of things to do over :( This I wanted to do over as well but had to draw the line somewhere LOL.

These 2 polishes are from the Vintage Minnie Mouse collection. The only fairly accurate pics I could get were in the shade. If You Moust You Moust is an fun shade of bubblegum pink, but the formula is kind of a big fail. Runny - almost watery and draggy. Not what I am used to from an OPI creme!

This is 2 coats :

Nothin Mousie 'bout It is a duochrome glassfleck top coat w. pink hearts (I did need to place the hearts with a toothpick)


Thursday, August 9, 2012

Icing - So Fierce

 Happy Thursday! Today I have Icing - So Fierce. Very pretty sheer fuchsia base with loads of iridescent glitters. Used 4 coats here for opacity. Really love Icing polishes, hate that they're the same bottle as China Glaze tho.. hurts my organizing OCD.

stearalkomonium hectorite? 

Monday, August 6, 2012

China Glaze Swanky Silk + Deborah Lippmann comparison

  Hi! I've been blog tardy for a bit due to a nasty wisdom tooth infection.  So nasty I got a huge box of polish and didn't even care to open it for 2 days. The horror. Let it go way too long and by the time I called my dentist they couldn't get me in for a few days. Ended up going to the ER with a swollen face, fever and rocket-y blood pressure from pain. There's no dentists at the ER (and no pliers they insisted.. not buying it) but there is pain medication and antibiotics. Got to relax and think about magical unicorns for a while. So, I have probably been too high to post this week. Sadly I really need to get these teeth out before classes start. SIGH. I am terrified.

 Anyway, in my stupor I was able to do my first ever comparison! Haha. I actually have a few comparisons to post. I will show you Swanky Silk first :

Swanky Silk is a champagne to pink flashing duochome, that fails to show up well on my camera no matter what I do. This is 3 coats.


 I just knew this was going to be a good dupe for DL Sugar Daddy. It's more than that though - a dead on dupe. Couldn't even note a difference in the formulas. Both need 3 coats, both have the same duochrome strength :


Swanky Silk on Pointer & Ring
Sugar Daddy on Middle & Pinkie

I really love this shade and happy to have a dupe. Particularly because my Sugar Daddy flew from my clutch and collided with my tile... just lost some glass but I can't bear to decant it from it's pretty bottle. I will use Swanky Silk up or bleed I guess.

sugar daddy has sads.