Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NOTD Zoya Elodie

Loving Zoya Elodie! I've had this on for 3 days now..slightly unheard of. I did add another coat + tc to refresh it for pics..it was looking a little beat because I filed with it on, otherwise wearing very well. Coming off tonight though.. bored bored bored.

I would call it kind of a hot watermelon color - it's pinky/orange. Definitely a nice squishy jelly!

sun & shade pic! the lighting off my back porch is..strange.



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Zoya Sooki + Sticks N Stones (and pocketchange feature!)

 Hi! Happy Sunday :) Before I post my mani I wanted to share a link, my blog was recently featured on Pocketchange's Best of the Web series. Pocketchange is a nice shopping directory blog that also does features on cool niche blogs. I've had a fun time checking all the different blogs out and I am honored they wanted to feature me! So check it out if you are a blogoholic like me :)

Onto the polish - today I have Zoya Sooki. Sooki is an awesome bright cherry red. Totally neutral and would look great on anyone.

2 coats

soo bright.

My nails are reallyyy growing quickly.. this was like 2 weeks ago! They're much longer atm. I believe in biotin! Anyway, I had to slap some Sticks N Stones on. The formula seems to really vary with SnS.. I got an awful thick goopy bottle of it. I thinned it a bunch and it still just is a giant bottle of glob. Mine also lacks the large hex glitter :( Still is adorable though!

over Sooki

and just to complain again.. those paper labels are terrible!! ruined it when I was dripping thinner in the bottle. If you haven't ruined your ninja polish labels yet I recommend laminating them with some tape asap! I was too late :(

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ORLY - Preamp

Hi! Spotted the ORLY Electronica collection out at my Sally's the other day. This is the only one I was really interested in - the rest of it is kind of a yawn. (those bottle shots are kind of deceiving... the duochome looks real frosty and i remember that teal just looking GREY but maybe I am nuts) Preamp is a purple-y pink with a pink and golden duochome shimmer. Formula was nice and smooth, needed 3 coats for full opacity.

looks like some shrinkage! :(


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lynnderella - Nosegay

LOLynnderella. Omg. Not going to even go there with the recent dramatics. I will just say I am not a fan of her personality. Don't have to be though, right? I do love this glitter. I finally got my wishlist items from march  last week. I do love them.. and was planning on putting in another wishlist. We'll see!

Nosegay is a mix of square & small purple glitter, lilac hexes and a nice subtle blue shimmer that runs through  a milky lilac base. This is the one I was most excited about and it's definitely the favorite. I have it here over Butter London Muggin's from my last post.. they're a perfect match!

2 coats over Muggins


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Butter London - Muggins

Hi! Happy Sunday! First off - my blogroll is temporarily removed because of the malware warnings :( Really didn't want to but everytime I removed a problematic blog another one popped up! Definitely don't want anyone to get anything from visiting my page or a link on my blog. Anyone know more about what is going on here?

Anyway..Muggins! I love Muggins. Another top 20 for me. It's a pale lilac that's a bit greyed. There seems to be mixed reports on the formula. I have to say I have no trouble with the formula, especially in comparison to other shades like this. I used 3 coats w. no lumping or dragging.


I can't believe this is the only pale lilac like this I have..doesn't Essie have like 14 of these? There is a good dent in this one. All the way down past the butter lettering! This makes me panic a little. A normal person may be happy they are actually using something.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cult Nails Awakening + O.P.I Crown Me Already!

Hi! Happy almost Friday! Today I have a jelly sammie I did with Awakening & Crown Me Already. LOVE the result. Awakening is a polish I've used a lot, it's a perfect dusty teal jelly. Mostly I love using it for jelly sams. I love using holos and shimmers in between layers too.. if you have this one try it. If you don't... order it!

2 coats on its own

and with CMA! :

Lots of pics! I had a hard time choosing... usually it's easy because most of them are crap ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Barry M - Mint Green

A true mint green without blue! That makes this unique for me. It applied beautifully in 3 coats. Have I mentioned before Barry M's have an amazing formula? I think I have. I kept trying to figure out what I should add to this but in the end I just left it alone and enjoyed it that way :) Got a few compliments on this as well.. everyone loves a mint polish, right?


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Icing - After Party

Hi! Today I have a fun Icing... I am really loving their polishes. Always BOGO 50% off and they have some amazing colors and glitters. This one is a multi color shredded glitter polish. (It's a total dupe for the new Cult Nails Happy Ending.) I have it here over four(rr) coats of O.P.I Don't Touch My Tutu. Yayy for two untrieds in one mani.

2 coats of After Party

Do you like the new shredded glitter trend? Clearly they're popping up everywhere. I think I need a black one!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Aqua Lily

Finally tried one of my RBL's! Aqua Lily from the fan collection. It's a gorgeous turquoise w. subtle pink shimmer. I did not find that it was invisible, but definitely a hidden shimmer. In the sun I had no problems seeing it. In dim light I could still see it but it appeared more like a pretty pink sheen, if that makes sense. Loved it in all lighting though :) Worth $20? Idk, I feel I have similar shades (Jesse's Girl Mermaid's Lagoon & ChG Custom Kicks come to mind.. neither are dupes though!) but I am happy I got this. The formula & wear are very nice.  *It IS coming back I've read!*

3 coats

PS. Thoughts on the new collection? I'm surprised to see a pretty cold response to it in general. I really like it.. though with the price hike (why?) & outrageous shipping I'm still debating if I will order any. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ORLY - Glowstick

Addicted to neons right now! Glowstick is an awesome Hi-lighter yellow jelly. SOO super neon. I recommend getting this under some florescent lights. I had this on at walmart and I about died when I saw it. Insanely bright. I am not one to put a white under my neons but this might be one that needs it. The pictures are @ 4 thick coats and my uneven nail beds are very noticeable.  ;)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Essie - Swing Velvet

Hi! This is an oldie, not sure when it came out but I think much earlier last decade from what I can see. Still, had never seen it before. I would call it a metallic-y plummy red. In low light it really just looks like a burgundy wine color.. but when you get it in the sun you can really see its gorgeous purpley flash. It really does look like velvet! My camera just failed to pick that up. On me, this is definitely one of the most flattering shades I own so I love it intensely!

3 coats, 2 was probably fine though!

Picture it a bit more like this tho :

Saturday, June 2, 2012

BTOUCH - Good Evening

    Hi! Today I have one of the polishes from my bday haul I couldn't wait to try! BTOUCH Good Evening. Not sure if this is a newish brand or not. Can't seem to find much about it. Good Evening is a beauty though, a metallic charcoal loadedddd with micro holo glitter. The pictures don't really do this one justice. The glitter really dances! I used 3 coats that dried a bit gritty so I topped it with a coat of Gelous before using my Seche Vite. It dried rock hard super fast and wore great.

Need to get back to the supply shop to see what else BTOUCH has. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bday Haul!

Hi! Quick post to show you the polish goodies I got for my bday week! My boyfriend took me to Philly for the day so I figured it was a good time to check out a nail supply. It was definitely the polish heaven I was looking for .. walls of OPI, China Glaze, Essie, Orly, Misa and more.. unfortunately it felt like hell. Was about 100 degrees in there and there were boxes 10 ft high covering most of it! WTH! Oh well, even not being able to see half the crap I still managed to buy about 10 polishes. Sweat was dripping off my face when I was bending down to read the shelves lol. Just a mess! I also had about 8 people staring at me bc I was getting in their way I guess. So I didn't take any pics of the store :( Sorry for the lack of obstructed by box polish shelves. Would have really made this post complete! Next time.

DL's- Private Dancer, Let's Hear it for the Boy, Dancing in the Sheets. Chanel Frisson, & Graphite. (first Chanels!!)

Sidenote: got Let's Hear it for the Boy & Dancing in the Sheets for $9.95 off hsn.com. Looks like that set is sold out now but this one is still available. $5 each for DL's?! Crazy deal.

OPI's (found at the supply!) - If You Moust You Moust, Nothin' Mousie 'Bout it, Love is a Racket and Pros & Bronze
+ the Ciate Black Caviar set

the rest of the nail supply goodies -
China Glaze Innocence, BTOUCH Good Evening (anyone heard of this brand before?) Essie Swing Velvet,   Splash of Grenadine & ORLY Pixie Dust.  

I tried the BTOUCH right away (have it on now) it's gorgeous! Will have the swatches up tomorrow. Really wish I spent more time looking at those.. what a gem for 2 bucks.