Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Barry M - Mint Green

A true mint green without blue! That makes this unique for me. It applied beautifully in 3 coats. Have I mentioned before Barry M's have an amazing formula? I think I have. I kept trying to figure out what I should add to this but in the end I just left it alone and enjoyed it that way :) Got a few compliments on this as well.. everyone loves a mint polish, right?



  1. This is BEAUTIFUL! Your right, its better left alone. Love it!

  2. Lovely green! If Barry M sold here, I'd have every one, I think. :)

  3. Hi Melissa, any chance of you adding a follow by email widget? I don't use GCF because I'm on WP myself and always forget to go look

    1. Happily! Didn't even notice I didn't have those widgets up..always thought I did. So thank you! Feel free to leave your blog link so I can check you out on WP :)

  4. oh snap thats really nice! i havent tried any barry m paints yet though but thats my kind of teal! great find there -Loving Sunshine