Sunday, August 28, 2011

China Glaze ~ Flip Flop Fantasy.

I don't really follow the 'seasonal' rules with colors, but I do for some reason feel strange wearing neons any other time but I thought I would swatch this while it's still hot! Unfortunately neons hate cameras. This was the only pic that the glow wasn't insane and it's not very color accurate. FFF is more orangey/coral than hot pink!

I always want to not use a top coat with neons as they dry a lovely matte, but always need to to smooth out imperfections.. bummer!


Put some Oxidized Aqua crackle on it and I like how it turned out (and the fff is more color accurate here!), though I'm off the crack pretty much =)

Hope Irene treated all the nail bloggers all right! There is massive flooding in my area and there were some injuries and 1 death that heard of locally :( ..It seems the girl who passed was operating her vehicle in the height of the storm though. I just wish people would take these warnings seriously! There was a rescue of 5 teenage boys who tried to put a boat on quick moving river flooding and ended up hanging on trees waiting for help.. risking the lives of our first responders. They were rescued and all was ok.. but I hope one of the rescuers punched them in the face! lol. They have better things to do right now...


  1. I love hot pinks! This one reminds me of Pool Party, very bright & fun! I love that crackle you used on top. :)

  2. Pool Party is a lemming of mine! Will have to break down and order it one of these days.

    Also the metallic crackles hold up much better than the cremes.. I can't be bothered to use mine half the time with those gloopy bottle necks! Ick.

  3. Never apologize for wearing colors out of season! It's a silly rule to begin with!

  4. I love neons! I need some silver crackle

  5. The bare neon is too bright for my taste, but I absolutely love it with the cracked polish. :)

  6. I love the way this looks under the crackle. I have FFF in my collection but I've only worn it once.

  7. @Sandra & Em - for sure! I always end up trying to tone it down with Settle down Neons!!

    Looks pretty under white crackle too =)