Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to blogging -- Essie Armed and Ready

Hi!  I got a little sad about never having the opportunity to take pictures in the sun once winter came around and all my sun hours are spent at work.. but then I discovered the flash on my phone so I am back :) Okay.. MOSTLY I am just lazy...but I am anxious to get back in touch with Blogger and will be visiting all you wonderful ladies soon.

For my comeback swatch I decided to post Essie Armed and Ready... it's from the new 2012 Go Overboard trio, I picked this & Go Overboard up, didn't think I needed Play Date. OH BUT I DO and I am going to pick that one up this weekend.

A really nice greyed out green with a golden bronzey flash!! NEED ALL THE HIDDEN SHIMMERS. Unfortunately the flash lies here and the shimmer is quite hidden, but it's so pretty when it comes out to play!


  1. SO HAPPY you've blogged! This is lovely. And your nails are looking awesome.

  2. Such a pretty polish!