Sunday, January 29, 2012

China Glaze - Awakening

Hi!  Hope everyone had a nice weekend! I am having an extremely lazy Sunday.. :)

Today I have China Glaze Awakening.. OH boy do I have a lot of China Glaze to post if I do actually ever get swatches of ALL my polishes, hope you like yourself some ChG!~

This photo is not color accurate. It's way less purple, more of a dusty rose color with a big golden duochrome effect. I LOVE it super mucho, but it's probably not for everyone (it's a little frosty..maybe a little grandma) I really did not have much of an issue with brushstrokes. In some swatches of this online it looks pretty frosty.

It is in the core display at Sally's.. aaand I think you should get it! :)


  1. The duochrome in this is beautiful! I love frost finishes too!

  2. I have this but haven't tried it yet. I need to move it up my list.

  3. That is one bright color!!! Perfect for spring and summer

  4. When I swatched this it did seem to be frosty. I still really love it though.