Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NOTD, Essie Play Date + China Glaze Fairy Dust

Hi! Today is my first actual NOTD. It was such a WARM, lovely bright day it just seemed right to post this combo!

I've missed my Fairy Dust deeply.. I've been too lazy to thin it so I haven't worn it in months. I added about a half gallon of thinner to it and it's nice again!! Such delicate little micro holo sparkles.

Play Date is a nice electric lilac (not as electric as pictured! that color is HARD to photograph.) that has a bit of a jelly finish, nice and squishy looking but totally opaque in 2 coats!

OK I admit I enjoyed the spring weather today - but seriously this has been the weakest winter ever!!! Where is the snow??? :(


  1. Ohhh Play Date is so pretty! That is on my list to pick up soon :) I love Fairy Dust over it too. AGREED about the lack of snow, I'm not a huge fan of winter, but not having one is just weird!

  2. I love a good jelly and that glitter is soooo pretty

  3. Pretty! I love Fairy Dust.... it's positively magical!

  4. This is so pretty and fun!! Great way to celebrate beautiful weather!