Monday, February 13, 2012

Misa - Embroidered Emerald

Hi! Happy Monday :) Today I've got a swatch of something special I came across in a blog sale. A really old Misa!! Embroidered Emerald circa 2001. The smell of this took me right back to my childhood.. lol! It's also my only Misa.. really need more of these. Of the B3F kind! The formula was eh, pretty runny and kinda sheer/bald spotty after 3 coats.

Embroidered Emerald is a very pretty dark plum with a strong emerald/teal shimmer.

This is 3 (albeit thin) coats.. looks like one!! lol, but pretty. 

Will reach for it again soon despite the application  :)


  1. That's cuuuute! I need to look around some blog sales!

    p.s. your nail mail is packaged up and ready. Posting tomorrow!

  2. That is a very pretty polish!