Monday, February 27, 2012

O.P.I - Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Hi! Woo.. just about Monday. Let's all hope the work week goes by quickly :) I am on a MAJOR O.P.I kick right now. Probably because I have a lot of untrieds from them, they just keep finding their way home with me..

Here's a pretty one from the new Holland collex - (in case I haven't mentioned it enough - holland polishes in my GIVEAWAY, ending Wednesday night! I think.. better go look so I am not late in drawing the winner lol) Gouda Gouda Two Shoes! She's pretty, a nice dusty rose with subtle color shifting shimmer. I am just a sucker for these shades, very flattering and work appropriate. I say that but I wear many polishes to work I probably shouldn't and will continue to til someone says something... ;)

2 coats that applied very smoothly, great formula!

ILU hidden shimmer.

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  1. looll me too.. Holland sounds delicious.

  2. The names in this collection kill me, so good!

    Love this colour, I'm all for hidden shimmer