Friday, March 23, 2012

A England - St. George

Happy Friday!! Super excited about this weekend, going to buy a Dyson Animal tomorrow! Perhaps a lame thing to be jazzed up about.. but I am going to do THIS forever and it's going to be awesome. Also awesome, A England's St. George. A perfect deep teal scattered holo. It's gorgeous.. and a wonderful 1 coat formula! Of course I used 2 though, that is my thing. A bit picture heavy - enjoy!


  1. This polish is so gorgeous! It has so much depth, I love it:-) and I would be excited for a new dyson too!

  2. This polish is so gorgeous!

    And being excited over a vacuum is silly. But being excited over a DYSON is completely normal and expected! :-)

  3. Getting excited about buying an animal is not a bad thing. My hoover broke around 18 months ago and I've still not bought another one cos I can't afford an animal and as my nan has one, until I get another I'm allowed to borrow hers. Nothing beats it!

    1. NOTHING! omg, worth every penny. I started a Dyson fund for it hahah.. definitely a huge purchase for me. I got the DC41 and I want to marry it. I had no idea I was living in such filth!