Monday, March 19, 2012

Finger Paints - Circus Peanuts

Hi! Today I have a creme from the spring Finger Paints collection - Circus Peanuts. I kind of needed to get this because of the name. Sadly, I love these things.. I understand they're pretty gross to most people lol.

Something about the texture is a real win for me. 

The polish in the bottle is kinda close! Unfortunately it dries about 2 shades darker on the nail and looks quite pinkish. The formula for me was pretty difficult to work with.. thick coats and a light stroke will be your friend with this one! One of the reasons I stick with Seche Vite pretty loyally is it smooths things out better than most top coats... - this was a mess!

Pictured with 3 coats

I love the candy names and this collection of colors. Did you pick up anything from this collection yet? 


  1. great color. (I like circus peanuts too;) )

  2. It looks more like a cotton candy color to me (though Orly has already claimed that name). This looks great on you, so its too bad the formula was crappy.

  3. I went ahead and got them all, because I had spring fever when I saw them!

    I awarded you the One Lovely Blog badge; hope it's okay to leave the link: