Saturday, March 31, 2012

the GOOD Royal + Fantasy Fire

Hi!!! Happy weekend!!! Very happy, indeed. No posts this week bc work is crazy and life and blablahhtyblah.     Super late night post, lol.

HELLO! :) to everyone who's joined me this week! I appreciate it and hope to see you stick around!!

This early morning I have for you Revlon Royal + Fantasy Fire... yay! Apologies in advance if I call it Fire Fantasy 100x, can't seem to get it right!

Finally got myself a good version of Royal... you can see the bad one here, I had a super sheer one with all the pigment stuck @ the bottom. Be wary of this if you're looking to pick this one up..

GOOOD ..... baaaad ick blah


2 coats.

+ Fantasy Fire

oooh & ahhh. Thank you, Allie!

in artificial light..

green flash

& random weird but cool bottle pic

(and some censored cuticle oddity.. nasty!)


  1. I love this combo soooo much! I have Royal now all I need is Fantasy Fire!

  2. love this combination, so stunning

  3. OOOH that last pic is awesome! Glad I could get FF to you, looks delicious with RR

  4. I'm glad you got a good bottle of Royal. Fantasy Fire looks gorgeous over it!

  5. Pretty sure I need to do this combo asap... All I need to do is buy Royal :P