Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chanel Malice

Hi! Happy Saturday :) I <3 Chanel Malice so much.. I reallyyy want another bottle of this but can't reason with a Chanel back up :( .. would be one of the few justified back ups I have though. I've banned myself from wearing it for now, as I've worn it 4 times already and want to keep putting it back on! If you like blackened reds there is no way to be disappointed with this. There are many similar polishes but I haven't seen any dupes in the many comparisons there are out there.

2 coats:



  1. I was just looking at Malice this morning... this looks like a GORGEOUS polish!!! I have one blackened shimmer I wore over the holidays, China Glaze, Mommy Kissing Santa. It's probably not a dupe but it's a dark red, blackened shimmer. I would love to compare the two. I might have to get this one... so BEAUTIFUL!

  2. So pretty! It's a very vibrant and rich red! :-)

    ~ Yun