Friday, January 18, 2013

Illamasqua Faithful

 Hi! Happy Friday :) Today I have Illamasqua Faithful, a taupe-y brown with copper shimmer and micro flake bits (that my camera really did not pick up). Looks different in every light. I went nuts for this polish when it came out in the summer Naked Strangers collection, it's gorgeous! I feel like my Illas never get swatched for some reason which is sad because they're some of my favorites.  Formula is great, 2 easy coats.



  1. Really pretty on you! I keep *almost* buying this one. Do you have DL No More Drama? It reminds me of that, and I don't feel like ordering Faithful just to compare the two.

    1. ty!! I do not.. in fact somehow I had never seen that one but I'd be surprised if they weren't dead on dupes looking at pics

  2. I love how it looks in the third photo. I never get tired of these brown taupes, and love the shimmer on it!