Tuesday, January 22, 2013

O.P.I The Man With The Golden Gun + China Glaze Red Satin

   Hi! Happy Tuesday :) Pic heavy post here... O.P.I The Man With The Golden Gun is the 18k gold flake topcoat from the Bond collection. I like it a lot but not nearly as much as the gold flake tc they did for sephora (here). The flakes are larger and not as easy to get onto the nail... not sure if there is too much suspension base or if they're all settled to the bottom though. The downside of the gorgeous GOLD bottle (which really may be the only reason I got it) is not being able to see what is going on in there.. lol!

 Layered here over China Glaze Red Satin. (roughly 3 coats on some nails.. I had to dab it on a bit)

and here is Red Satin (from the 2012 holiday collection) on it's own @ 3 coats for opacity, creme/jelly hybrid



  1. i love the color combo! i was looking for this top coat but couldnt find it anywhere!


  2. It still boggles my mind why they would use real gold flakes. I would feel bad throwing my cotton ball out, LOL! It is really pretty and bold with red satin.

  3. I wanted The Man With The Golden Gun so bad when the collection was first released--just because of the bottle! Because to be honest, I'm just not all that impressed with the polish. I may still buy it though..it's kind of one of those collector things that I just have to have! It really stands out on that red polish, though!