Thursday, May 3, 2012

BarryM - Neon Yellow

Hi! I'm addicted to neons right now.. it's going to be a bright ass summer! This is the first one I tried out this year and it's freakin fantastic. I'm not sure this one is quite neon but it's a bit brighter than pics show! It also has a lovely subtle-but not invisible shimmer to it. I love what I've tried from BarryM so far, this had an amazing formula. A bit sheer but bright colors like this tend to be.

4 thin coats to cover up VNL. No issues w. dry time tho!

hello summer!

BarryM doesn't joke around with their polish names :)


  1. This is such a pretty yellow!

  2. Yay neon! I love that it has shimmer in it!

  3. Omg this looks so good, definitely going to get this for myself!

  4. I've been into yellow and orange lately too! I love this color!