Friday, May 18, 2012

Essie - Demure Vixen

Hi! Happy Friday! I've been jobless for a whole week.. feels like 3 weeks. Not complaining, got a lot of things done. Finally got the A/C fixed today so I'm ready for summer. Not my wallet though. Turns out my unit was just clogged from using filters that were too small.. $500 mistake! Aughh! Well turns out it was a fire hazard, so I'm happy to not be going up in flames at least. I worry about if there's ever a fire near my helmer.. the whole block will explode!! lol

Anyway, I've been wearing a lot of brights lately. A palette cleanser was in order. Demure Vixen is a great one.  A very light mauve-y pink w. a flash of violet shimmer. Loved this for work as well.

3 coats in the sun

& the shade

What are your favorite neutral shades w. an edge?


  1. This is definitely one of my favorites, I love Demure Vixen! Haven't worn it in awhile because I'm worried someday I will run out of it(that is unlikely, with the number of polishes in my stash...) Another neutral I like is "Already Famous", an LE SOPI shade from awhile back... it's a very shimmery, almost metallic bronzey-taupe shade. The color isn't too wild, but it's very flattering and the finish makes it something special.

  2. omg i know what you mean, lolll.. i panic about breaking and/or running out of my favs all the time! so silly. Already Famous is gorgeousss, I actually dont have anything similar to that!!

  3. i love this one, it really makes me feel classy but fun:]

  4. Gorgeous! I have a mini of this and don't want to use it all up :(

    1. I think you need a full size! On a side note though, Essie has the best minis!

  5. Which is worse the helmer up in flames or the whole block? Hilarious! You've got to stop by and see my new nail polish storage/display!