Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zoya - Zuza

Was most excited to try this one out of all the Zoyas I got in my last haul. It's stunning! I would call the color a pretty green leaning teal but Zoya calls it a turquoise. Either way, it's packed with shimmer and it's awesome. My formula was a bit goopy and weird, but no application problems.

2 coats

Do you know anyone named Zuza?

Hope you're all having a nice week! Just 3 more days left at my job - so I'm going to refrain from complaining about it!! :)


  1. This is such a nice color! Perfect for the summer :)

  2. Very nice color and I have it too :)

  3. Amazing! I just got this one! It was my favorite out of their summer collections.

  4. Ohhhh this is such a lemming of mine! I love it :D It's amazing!

  5. Zuza is so pretty on you !! I haven't gotten a chance to pick up any of the new zoyas but this is definitely on my list

  6. I WISH I knew someone called Zuza tbh

    Love this, sucker for this colour