Monday, May 21, 2012

China Glaze - Lubu Heels

Hi! Felt like revisiting one of my underloved ChG's and pulled out Lubu Heels the other day. It's a black jelly base w. red micro glitter. The effect is pretty darn unnoticable.. I imagine you could just do a coat or 2 over a pure black creme and the glitter would show more though. I just love a jelly base.

@ 3 coats.

a better pic of the pretty glitters, really more subtle than this tho sadly!


  1. Ahhh so sad this pretty shimmer don't come out loud and proud!! It's still a great vampy! :)

  2. This is pretty, too bad the shimmer isn't more noticeable! I hate when I have an idea of how something should look on, and it falls short of that :(

  3. It's still really beautiful even though the shimmer isn't more noticeable :)