Saturday, July 7, 2012

American Apparel - Smoke Dazzle

  Hi! Happy Saturday! Supposed to get to 103 degrees today..gross...not into it. NERP. My boyfriend is at a  free outdoor concert (the dirty heads)... I was supposed to go but, 103 degrees! All those sweaty people crammed together. Sounds smelly, no? Free concerts are a mess anyway, but the weather is a good excuse to pass. I would probably pass out anyway.  Hope you all have cooler ideas in mind if you're in this heat!

 Anyway, today I have Smoke Dazzle from AA. One of their metallic polishes. It's a duochome beauty!! The  color shift in it is pretty similar to Butter London Knackered if you didn't like the holo glitter in that one. They're not dupes though.. get both. :) This is 3 coats.

most of the time it is this greenish color, but it's also

Really love my AA polishes. I only have a few though,  I strongly dislike going in that store. I swear every time I go in there is a 13 year old yelling at her mother about how a bandeau is an appropriate top. -shudder- that is a whole other topic tho. What are your favorite AA polishes?


  1. I know what you mean about loving the polishes and hating the company. I only picked up three when there was an AA near me and now I am kicking myself. Oddly enough, my Sam's Club started selling AA Tees...

    1. yeah there are some reallyyyy disturbing things to be read about the company... :( that aside, the clothes creep me out anyway haha. they really got the polish right though!

  2. Haha, yes, AA is a weird company... I have a few of their convertible dresses (owning SOMETHING from AA was a requirement to live in San Francisco), but going into the stores makes me sooo uncomfortable. And yeah, the guy who runs the company is a total creep... I assume you've heard about the "modeling" scandal? Anyway, I own some of their cream polishes and I like them, I haven't been in since they branched out into metallics, though! I'll have to try to check this out the next time I'm somewhere with an AA store. Beautiful color!

  3. I didn't about AA being a creepy, bad company hmmm ... I walked by their store in NYC one time, thought it was junkie. There isn't on near me, so I won't be getting their polishes, DARN!, interesting multi-chrome, though. This might really be cool layered over another base color. Very appropriate name, Smoke Dazzle, it is smoky, sub-dued...sometimes you need that. Hey, I in the heat with you, it so nasty, 104, heat index is 110! I feel your pain!

  4. Ooooh, this is so gorgeous!! I absolutely love teal, so this is really calling my name! I'll have to see if there is an American Apparel shop nearby.