Monday, July 9, 2012

Color Club - Bomb-Blast-ic

  I've been on a hunt for a real NEON red... they're all pink though! When I saw this the other day at rite aid I thought it had some real potential to be actually red. It was crackle, but I will take it how I can get it! Also, my huge stash of 1 color club was begging for a buddy. Anyway, when I first applied it inside it really just looked hot pink again. When I got it outside in the sun though, it was actually red! At long last. It still has more of a twinge of hot pink than my pictures suggest but it IS time.

I still enjoy some crack now and again too..why not? Here it is over Essie Marshmallow :

thumb always cracks the best. 

Do you still enjoy your crack once in a while? It's okayy!


  1. I do still like crackle! I have a silver one I really love and I'm on the hunt for gold now.

    1. try the clearance at sallys! i really like the china glaze tarnished gold

  2. That's a really pretty color! I've never been a fan of crackle myself, but I love that nail polish companies seem to be getting more creative with top coats and effects!

  3. I love me some crackle! I don't use mine enough, though. Maybe I will break one out this week :)

  4. I'm off crack, thanks. They make me itch. JK! Swatch-aholic layers her crackle polishes under jellies. It totally changes the colors and effect. I was just staring at them the other day and thinking I need to get some.