Wednesday, August 31, 2011

NOTD: Revlon ~ Royal & Jelly Sandwich.

I just had to pick up Royal because everyone loves it so... not me so much! The blue made my stains really pop haha. First two coats they looked green.. yum.

After fourrrr coats, still was not too pleased. The color is gorgeous though!

Bubbles galore. It was time to make a Jelly sandwich!

On top of my 4 coats of RR I layered Jesse's Girl Fire Fly, 2 coats of WnW's Party of Five Glitters, then 2 MORE coats of Revlon Royal~! & Seche base & top coats. I think that makes about one thousand coats for this mani and it will be peeling off in sheets in no time... but I like it.

Sammie close up!

~PS. 20 followers!! Yay-ay! You guys rule! I am scheming up a giveaway for 50 followers but haven't sorted the deets yet. Stay tuned <3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jesse's Girl ~ Glee.

This one looks like it's a dupe for Zoya Charla or O.P.I Catch Me In Your Net! I have them both on my list, but don't own either. It looks REALLY close from the photos I've seen so I think I can move them down on the priority list now :) This was 3 thin coats and some gloopy Seche Vite!

Glee is a really pretty blue green glitter. Hard to capture on camera but the color shifting is amazing and a very bad thing for sunny day driving...probably should be outlawed. Yep. 

moar shimmarr.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

China Glaze ~ Flip Flop Fantasy.

I don't really follow the 'seasonal' rules with colors, but I do for some reason feel strange wearing neons any other time but I thought I would swatch this while it's still hot! Unfortunately neons hate cameras. This was the only pic that the glow wasn't insane and it's not very color accurate. FFF is more orangey/coral than hot pink!

I always want to not use a top coat with neons as they dry a lovely matte, but always need to to smooth out imperfections.. bummer!


Friday, August 26, 2011

CQ ~ Corduroy

Hi guys! The weather is really crazy, hoping everyone in Irene's path is prepared. *clutches NP stash* I am frightened about the flooding on Sunday.. have a job interview at 9am sharp on Monday, haha! Anyway, earthquakes and hurricaines aside.. today I have a pretty teal I picked up at Rite Aid, which is the only place I've seen this brand. I really like this shade a lot, enough to try out some other CQ's. Formula was nice, this is 2 semi thick coats :) It's definitely a dustier teal in person but this was the best my camera could do!

PS ~ Who says ChG fast forward is not shiny?! :)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ORLY ~ Fowl Play.. earthquake?

Hi Guys! Anyone feel the earthquake today!?? I am v.close to Philadelphia and I sure did not, although apparently everyone did there and all over the east coast. I feel pretty left out quite frankly. Hopefully everyone is okay though!! Onto today's lovely ~ ORLY Fowl Play. Small flakies and glitter in a dark purple jelly base. Please excuse the icky SV shrinkage in my pics =( I needed 4 coats of FP. 

A little pic heavy, the flakies seem to flash the best outdoors out of the sun!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hard Candy ~ Beetle

Today I have a fun one!! Hard Candy's Beetle, a well pigminted multichrome. This one flashes so many, light pink, dark pink, bronze... ?? It's crazy pretty! 

AND it is also a dupe for Orly Space Cadet and MAC Mean and Green so I am quite content to have picked this up at WalMart for $4 or $5??

This is Beetle in 3 easy coats with SV topcoat -

The Hard Candy bottles are adorable, I find the brush a little hard to work with though.. but worth it! 

 A bit of the green flash!

And some pretty pink!

I love this shade & will be seeking back up!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ulta Mini Haul =)

  Soo glad my Ulta is not close by... nothing ever goes as planned once I get inside! However I did kill some minor lemmings today I've had no luck with so I am happy! Nothing you haven't seen a million times but I thought I would share :)

From L to R: O.P.I - Houston We Have A Purple, Orly - Fowl Play (!!), O.P.I Serena Glam Slam set, & O.P.I- Skull & Glossbones

Grape Set Match & Servin' Up Sparkle..pretties.

Fowl Play!! Why I went to Ulta today... my first flakie!!! FINALLY. 

Doesn't Fowl Play look incredible? Must go try it out~! It's in the Birds of a Feather collection and according to the MUA nail board it's in most of the Ultas now :) I figured it would all be wiped out of the display if they had it so I am a happy camper.

Friday, August 19, 2011

First Post -- Hi! & China Glaze - Midtown Magic

Helloo! Hoping I am not just going to talk to myself forever here =) Excited to start a polish blog. I used to be a nail biter and horrific at polish application so I never even bothered with it much until a few months ago when I saw some cute nail art on a beauty blog.. looked into it more and found out about stamping plates and seeing it was all DIY I looked into general polishing tips (I youtubed 'how to apply nail polish'. legit.) Okay so I am still learning with application! I clean up with pure acetone and an angle shadow brush... work in progress. Hopefully things will improve from here. Working on growing out my nails on an ongoing basis...seem to always get frustrated and chop them down to nubs in hopes they will finally grow out nicely next time. 

Anyway, I hope to swatch my entire collection! My collection is super dominated by China Glaze so it seems appropriate to start out with one I really love from their new fall collection - Metro

This is Midtown Magic!

Midtown Magic is a DARK plum jelly base with orangey/red/gold shimmer. 

and a little shimmer dance macro :)

Yayy finally made a post.
I hope to update frequently and find some followers! =)