Wednesday, April 25, 2012

China Glaze - Hook and Line

From the Hunger Games collection - Hook and Line. It's not for everyone. A strange creme/frost that is brush strokey! I do enjoy it though. It is perfectly reminiscent of grey/silvery plastic. Do you know what I am talking about? Not that I have a fondness for grey plastic but I really liked the look of this and wore it a few days :)

2 coats, in the shade.

A little strokey, but I didn't mind!

Some sun..

I definitely did not want to pick this up originally but I'm glad I gave it a shot!


  1. This is one of the Hunger Game shades I passed on because of the brushstrokes, but it looks beautiful on you!

    1. ty :) i was expecting much worse in terms of stroking

  2. I'm one of the people that LOVE the look of this! I can't wait to try it.

  3. It's ok, but not something that I feel I have to buy.