Friday, April 13, 2012

Models Own - Mystic Mauve

Hi! TGIF! The world is a good place again. Tonight I am posting another foil. I freakin love foils. foils, foils, foils. Need more foils.

This one is super gorgeous, Models Own - Mystic Mauve. Another one that I got from Allie in our swap. I don't really know if it is more pink or purple. It sort of reminds me of a pink Designer De Better or perhaps a purple one. How about a Mystic Mauve one?

2 coats, needs a GOOD shake! 

in the sun :)


Hope everyone is settling in for a nice weekend. It's going to be wtfwarm here sunday-monday (90 ?!! y - not a heat lover, am I) really regretting not getting the A/C fixed over the winter, doubt anyone will be able to get here tomorrow..but I'm going to try! 


  1. Omg this looks so much better than when I swatched it! Gorgeous pics!

  2. Another one added to the list, thanks for sharing x

  3. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL and looks wonderful on you! Your nails are so pretty.

  4. What a pretty pinky purple, I love it!