Friday, April 6, 2012

Hits Can Can + Thank youu!

Wow!! Thanks everyone for subscribing and entering! Still a few hours left, and I will post the winner after midnight! I can't believe I hit 200+! Now I feel bad there's only 1 prize haha. I really appreciate it though!

I actually swatched today! Usually I wear whatever I put on for at least a day for a full trial but I hate having so many untrieds, will take me forever to get through them this way!! This was one I tried out today - Hits Can Can, a purple jelly/syrup base with green to blue flashing flakies. It's the sister to Fox Trot that I am giving away currently. Pic heavy so I hope you like it!

this is 3 thick coats, and 1 layer of TC. i am really surprised that is all it needed,
these flakies are nice and tame!!

in the sun. you may want to layer these over a creme but i really love the syrupy look! these bottles are SMALL tho, only 6 mL


Macro! I was a little flake'd out but I think this polish reignited my love for them :)

This looked soo amazing in the car... had to take a pic there too lol

blueeee flash!

Stay tuned for the giveaway announcement later!


  1. Hahaha i've done the "looked at my nails on the steering wheel whilst driving photo" (obviously at a light or parked lol) many times! Looks great!

    1. lol! i'm always staring @ my nails in the car.. i got honked at last week admiring some glitter after the light had turned green. oops!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love the flakies in jelly!

  3. These flecks are really pretty. I love the unexpected combination between the purple and the green flecks.

  4. So beautiful, jellies + flakies are the most amazing combo for me <3