Sunday, April 15, 2012

Icing Magnetix - Blue

Hi! Happy Sunday :) Today I have one of the Magnetix from Icing.. does anyone know if Claire's carries these same ones? I've heard they do I think. I was way late to this party when I got to Icing! It was the only one left. Luckily, it was the one I wanted the most, in the wave pattern and the brush was good! (much reports of crazy wonky brushes with these - check them first!) Unfortunately the label was a mess and that annoys me!

I might be too impatient for magnetics but they're still awesome. Either I fail the magnet and get a weak pattern, or it looks AWESOME and I bump it with the stupid magnet hahah.

the shimmer is more blurple purple in person

ugh..that label really took a beating somewhere, anyone else OCD about this? lol


  1. Ooh this is nice! I should invest in a better magnetic polish, the one I have sucks. And yeah battered labels freak me out, I am not down for those at aaaaaall lol

  2. Love this color. I think magnetics hate me, the magnetic lines always fade away after not too long :-(